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Our wedding party

Lauren's attendants
  • Sarah Fell, Maid Of Honor
    Sarah is Lauren's younger sister and best friend. Growing up, their favorite thing to do together was set up "Lauren and Sarah's Store" and then take turns shopping there. Not surprisingly, their favorite thing to do together now is shopping in each other's closets whenever they visit each other. Sarah is going to be a great Pippa!
  • Lindsay Acker, Bridesmaid
    Lindsay is Jordan's younger sister. The first time Lauren met Lindsay was right after she started dating Jordan- they met Lindsay for dinner and one of the Harry Potter movies. Lindsay asked Lauren a ton of questions and they instantly bonded over their love of reading! Over the years they have continued to recommend books to each other. Lauren has thought of Lindsay as a sister for years, and can't wait to make it official!
  • Lauren Morgenstein, Bridesmaid
    Lauren and Lauren first met at Camp Lake of the Woods, the summer before their 5th grade year. That was the first of many summers that "the Laurens" spent together at overnight camp. One of the other campers' favorite activities was to yell "Lauren!" and see if both of them would turn around. Throughout the school years, they kept in touch with long phone calls and visits. Last summer, the Laurens traveled to Costa Rica together. At this point, they've been friends for over half of their lives!
  • Julia Kraft, Bridesmaid
    Lauren and Julia met their freshman year of college when they joined the same sorority. A favorite college memory is when Lauren, Julia and a couple of other friends drove down to Columbus for a weekend get-away with Julia's aunt and cousins (and to eat at Cheesecake Factory- it's the closest one to Ann Arbor! Seriously!) Since college, Lauren and Jordan have both spent a lot of time with Julia on various trips to LA. Julia is always tons of fun and makes Lauren laugh, particularly during games of 20 questions!
  • Sarah Kirschenbaum, Bridesmaid
    Sarah was actually friends with Jordan before she was friends with Lauren! Lauren and Sarah met during college, but became really close when they studied abroad together in Prague. They traveled together to London, Barcelona, Berlin, Nice, and many other places. When Lauren moved to DC, she and Sarah lived together. They shared many adventures in DC, and spent many, MANY Friday nights together watching (bad) chick flicks!
  • Amanda Shapin, Bridesmaid
    Lauren and Amanda met at Michigan. They spent many afternoons together going for long walks around Ann Arbor. When they graduated, Lauren promised that she would come up to NYC to visit Amanda approximately once a month. Although it hasn't been that often, there have been many fun visits to New York and DC. Amanda is a great spin instructor and running/ biking buddy! Lauren and Amanda vow to run a race together in the next year (we're making this public, so hold us to it!) Fun fact: while Lauren and Amanda were sorority sisters at Michigan, their dads were fraternity brothers at U of I!
  • Jill Lubochinski, Bridesmaid
    Lauren and Jill met at Michigan and have been close friends since their freshman year. As sophomores, they realized that they both wanted to study abroad in Prague, but vowed to go on separate programs so they would branch out and meet new people. As it turned out, their programs lived in the same dorm and so Lauren and Jill spent even more time together in Prague and throughout Europe! Since college, Lauren and Jill have visited each other a lot and traveled together to many places, including Rehoboth Beach and State College. Jill even helped Jordan with the scavenger hunt proposal!
  • Nicole Sugar, Bridesmaid
    Lauren and Nicole met during high school. They stayed close during college, visiting each other in Ann Arbor, St. Louis, Prague and Paris. Since college, Nicole has lived in New York, Chicago, and Paris. Although they have not been able to see each other as much as they like, they stay close with long phone calls and even longer emails. Lauren is so honored that Nicole will be traveling all the way from Paris to be in Chicago for the wedding day!
Jordan's attendants
  • Jared Acker, Best Man
    From the days when their families lived a block apart in Oak Park, to their days in West Bloomfield, and then when their dad was a bike ride away in Huntington Woods, Jared and Evan have always been like brothers to Jordan. Growing up playing football at Bubbie and Zayde's, arresting Uncle Larry for talking back to Zayde, and releasing Jordan's dog Shadow to chase Evan were just some of the highlights of growing up. More recently, they traveled to visit each other on spring breaks from Law School and College, and are still die-hard Pistons fans. Jared is a world traveler and teacher (www.backpackeracker.com), while Evan is a law student in San Diego. He also wants everyone to know that he is taking the California bar three weeks after the wedding, so please be nice to him.
  • Evan Acker, Best Man
  • Joel Marcovitch, Groomsman
    In the Summer of 2006, a dainty Englishman moved next door to Jordan. With a love for all things sports Joel and Jordan became instant friends. When Joel's actual family lived thousands of miles away, Joel became an honorary member of the Acker family while he lived in Michigan. Of course, when Jordan went to London in the Spring of 2009, Joel returned the favor, inviting Jordan to the Marcovitch's house for Shabbat Dinner, where they spent an evening rewatching Joel's Bar Mitzvah Tapes. Joel also introduced Jordan to one of his many loves, Arsenal F.C., whom Lauren blames for Jordan using words like "pitch" and "mate" that should not be part of any Americans' vocabulary. A year ago, Joel and Erin became the Jewish version of Russell Brand and Katy Perry.
  • Kevin McTigue, Groomsman
    Kevin McTigue was Jordan's first roommate when he moved to Washington, DC. A native of Ann Arbor, Jordan and Kevin shared their love of Michigan football, the Tigers, and Charlie Weis (miss you big guy). Kevin and Jordan met when Kevin was living with the Ackers working on the Kerry campaign. When Kevin returned to Ann Arbor, Jordan's parents took Kevin and Jordan out to dinner, and soon they became fast friends. In the Summer of 2005 when Jordan was interning in Washington, D.C., Kevin and Jordan attended Live 8 in Philadelphia together, cementing their friendship over their mutual love of Will Smith's "Summertime."
  • Allen Weiss, Groomsman
    Allen and Jordan met early on in college, where they were asked by a mutual friend to run the Hillel IM Sports Program. Together, they founded the Graham Cup, a competition of students from Michigan and Michigan State playing sports against each other. After Allen graduated from college and Kevin moved to Iowa, Allen accepted a job in Washington, D.C., and Allen moved in with Jordan. They remained good friends despite this, and remained so even after Allen moved to Michigan.
  • Jed Shein, Groomsman
    Jed Shein was one of Jordan’s roommates at 532 Elm St in Ann Arbor. Since Jed moved to Washington in the summer of 2010, Jordan and Jed have become very close. Jed even took Jordan on his sailboat. Jed enjoys spending money on his friends, telling hilarious stories, and laughing very loudly. He's also shares Jordan's love of the US Soccer Team.
  • Rafi Schwartz, Groomsman
    Rafi Schwartz grew up on the mean streets of Flatbush and Mill Basin in Brooklyn. Escaping to the University of Michigan, he met Jordan through mutual friends and they became close soon after. Every time Jordan visits NYC, he is subjected to the same real estate tour down Eighth Avenue, but is grateful that when he gets to Rafi’s apartment, he’s only a block away from H&H bagels.
  • Dan Horwitz, Groomsman
    In the Summer of 2010, Jordan studied for the Bar Exam. In the Summer of 1987, Jordan went to a Sharon, Lois, and Bram concert. What do these two events have in common? They were both shared with Dan Horwitz.
    In between, they shared many experiences, from Cranbrook vs. Hillel basketball games to BBYO, Dan and Jordan remained close. In the Summer of 2010, they became inseparable when Jordan moved to Ann Arbor to study for the bar exam. From their morning class to evening basketball and late night flash cards, Jordan and Dan were attached at the hip. When Lauren came to visit, he even came along on our date ("I wish that was a joke," says Lauren). Now that Dan has moved to Chicago, Jordan misses their summer in Ann Arbor, but is looking forward to their next Sharon, Lois, and Bram concert...someday.
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